Next up, is building your online presence.

Let’s admit it, for the most of us, we’re online all the time. We stay connect with friends on Facebook, find out where the latest sale is in our inbox, search for a phone number to make a reservation or lookup a menu for ordering takeout.

Where does your brand fit into this online world?

With web design, the sky is the limit. For a new site or a site overhaul, the best advice I can give is don’t get overwhelmed. Instead, let’s organize and conceptualize. Discovering what works for you is simple. In the first few steps we can outline your needs, gather your content and begin to formulate the framework for a stunning, functional website.

With social media and direct email marketing, you are always connected. We also have the ability to move at a moments notice. So it’s the natural progression for brands to make once their online presence is established. Whether your experienced in these channels or looking to explore your possibilities, I’m here to facilitate paths to connecting.

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