It truly is a partnership.
And client referrals are the absolute greatest complement.


I have been working with Carly since she was in design school, working as our intern at Montrail footwear. We quickly saw that she had special talent and hired her even though we’d never had an in-house designer before. I’ve been working with her ever since, 15 years now.

Carly has a great sense of style and quickly grasps what needs to be done to make products and messages shine with a minimum of revisions. Her designs are current and clean with the right amount of detail. She works well as a supplement to an agency but we liked her work so much at my last company, we had her take over all the work functioning much like an in-house designer that happened to live in the next state over. She dependably hits her deadlines, often with fewer hours than you would expect so her rates are affordable. And, her work is very clean so you don’t have to spend time finding her mistakes (only your own). Carly is also versatile. She does just as well with print as digital, from emails and websites to ads and POP.

Carly is personable and pleasant to communicate with. She takes criticism and direction extremely well, taking your ideas to the next level without an ounce of attitude. Her digital workflow style is super efficient. She must have amazing reading comprehension because I never feel like I have to review my briefs verbally as I do with other designers. And, her first draft is usually spot on.

I always recommend Carly to anyone that is looking for a great design resource.

Jill Avey, Vice President of Marketing for Propét USA


I have worked with Elemental Graphics over the past 3 years and have enjoyed working with Carly on all my designs. Carly does an amazing job of listening and interpreting my wants for each project we have done. She posses a gift of being able to create logos that are relevant, fun and functional for all applications.

Rob Goyen, CEO Trail Racing Over Texas & No Fine Print Clothing Co.


Carly Koerner is brilliant and executes all projects with the utmost expediency and professionalism. For 3 years, Carly has been programming, designing and creating not just good, but great online sales portals for my company.

We won’t dream of creating websites, newsletters,banner ads and commercial portals without her!

Donna Steinmann, Founder & CEO
Medicine Mama’s Apothecary